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Monday, June 7, 2010

Visit Papua

Irian Island was one large island development in eastern Indonesia. The island is partly a state of Papua New Guinea and part of the Indonesian region. One of the most prominent in this region is the conservation of nature and society are still very natural. Community life in Irian was almost the same as other areas in Indonesia, the area is starting to evolve with the introduction and development of industries by the government. But both cases does not remove the image of Papua as a region rich in culture and the preservation of pristine nature.

Tourist area in the Papua region is largely natural and cultural tourist objects. Some objects are very well known natural attractions is the peak of Jayawijaya and Lorentz national parks. These area is frequently visited tourist attractions of various regions in Indonesia to foreign tourists. natural beauty and an atmosphere that integrates with the natural charm that has made this area is always crowded. In addition to these two tourist area there are many other tourist areas such as lakes Paniai, Lake Sentani, Cendrawasih national park paradise bay.

Peak of Jayawijaya

Cendrawasih National Park

Lorentz National Park

Besides its natural beauty, cultural diversity of Papua also has a very much. Papua culture is now known to foreign tourists, this is due because of the uniqueness of cultural and religious values are. Papua communities are maintaining and preserving the cultures that are inherited from their ancestors. Baliem cultural festival in the valley is one of the activities that are quite famous and always crowded by tourists who want to watch than to participate in the festival's. various cultural activities in Papua is also supported by a variety of unique culinary papua. Cuisine is very well known from Papua is “udang selingkuh”. This dish has a unique flavor in accordance with his name.

Beliem Valey Cultural Festival

Udang Selingkuh

One of the famous folk song which is apuse papua. This song tells of life in Papua community who help each other and a growing culture of mutual assistance in the community. In addition to folk songs, folklore is a noble legacy passed on from generation to generation. Towjatua and magic crocodile story is a story that is quite popular in Papua. This story is told in Papua community and their descendants who had promised to protect animals around the river Tami from the hunters.

Papua Community

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